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ATV/Buggy roads – Via roads of nature

Montenegro offers you over 1.000 kilometers of off-road experience. Variety of fields in our small country, altitude change between sea and mountains, lakes and rivers offers you an opportunity for unforgettable ATV/Buggy tour.

In one day you can ride along Adriatic coast and just a few hours later you can be at the highest mountains peaks. Come through Montenegro, from southern and most beautiful fiord in Europe (Boka Bay) to Montnegrin Alps, Dinaric Alps, Carpathians and volcanic mountains.

We own ATV/Quad/Buggy vehicles of world brands with all necessary equipment for this type of challenge. Throughout this adventure you will have a chance to enjoy in nature, cultural heritage, domestic cuisine and tradition of Montenegro. You’ll indulge to all your senses in one of a kind map fulfilled with amazing pictures of genuine landscapes, sounds, colors, textures, smells and gastronomic specialties of northern region.

You’ll ride ATV from plinth of the mountain Bjelasica all the way up to some peaks, lakes, villages, then through rainforest. Bjelasica is rich sumptuous mountain, rich with spring waters, green hills, magical lakes, scattered villages and mountain lodges behind them.

Places that we are unavoidably going to visit are peaks of the mountain Crna glava (2.137 meters above sea level), Zekova glava (2.117 meters above sea level), Troglava (2.072 meters above sea level) and glacier lakes of Bjelasica mountain: Biogradsko lake, Pešića lake, Veliko and Malo Ursulovačko lake, Veliko and malo Šiško lake. All these can be seen from close proximity and some of them are good for swimming. In central part of Bjelasica mountain between river Tara and river Lim, there is National Park “Biogradska gora” which is one of three well preserved rainforsts, unique in Balkan peninsula. Biogradska gora is a place for our break/pause in a center of rainforest at 1.094 meters above sea level where Biogradsko lake is located.