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Kolašin 1600

In addition to many cultural and historical sites and the natural resources that adorn the municipality of Kolašin, one of the largest tourist attractions of the municipality during the winter months are the ski centers. What gives a special charm to this town is the fact that Kolašin, along with the other ski centers that are being built on the Bjelasica Mountain, becomes the new most developed winter tourist center of the wider region.

Kolašin currently offers two distinct ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450.

Ski center Kolašin 1600 is the first ski center opened in a planned series of ski centers on the Bjelasica Mountain. It officially started operating on February 16th, 2019, and the process of its expansion is ongoing and more facilities are planned for next year. It has been built by the highest international standards. It is located 85 kilometers from the Capital of Podgorica, 12 kilometers from the town of Kolašin, and 2.3 kilometers from the neighboring ski center Kolašin 1450. The former Yugoslav skier, one of the world’s best specialists in slalom and giant slalom of the ‘80s, Bojan Križaj officially opened the ski slopes of ski center Kolašin 1600.

About ski center

The ski center has been named after the elevation of the starting point of the six-seated detachable cable car, and the location of the base station where the 5-star restaurant Troglava 5* is located. Restaurant Troglava 4* has been built in the spirit of contemporary mountain ambiance with a capacity of 400 seats. The cuisine in the restaurant is based on traditional Montenegrin dishes prepared in the authentic way of the Bjelasica Region. The fresh mountain air with homemade wine and local products leaves no one indifferent. On the ground level of the base station, there is a cafe bar where guests can enjoy hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The cafe bar serves a complete lower terrace of the base station where music concerts and other cultural entertainment programs are organized very often.

The ski center also offers a ski school and what is very important for all beginners is that they learn the proper techniques of these disciplines during the learning process. Experienced instructors introduce all beginners to the world of skiing and snowboarding so that this sporting discipline becomes a structural part of their lives. Bearing that in mind, ski center Kolašin 1600 included the services of a ski school in its offer, as well as the ski draglift. Within the base station of the ski center, there is also a ski rental, which is equipped with skiing and snowboarding equipment. Employees will quickly and efficiently serve all visitors of the ski center who need equipment. If guests should need additional consultations regarding equipment selection, they can additionally contact the ski rental staff who will listen to them carefully and kindly provide them with useful advice.

In the vicinity of the ski center Kolašin 1600, at the location of the future base location the construction of ten hotels and apartment-type objects is planned, Construction of the first two hotels has already begun. Additionally, at the ski center Kolašin 1450, the construction of four hotels is in progress. According to the Spatial Plan for Special Purpose for the Bjelasica and Komovi Region, another six hotels and apartment-type objects are envisaged to be built in this base location. In addition, construction of the Bar-Boljari Highway, more exactly, the priority section Podgorica-Mateševo, which will be put into operation soon, and which will enable reaching the Bjelasica ski center region in half an hour from the Capital of Podgorica, or 45 minutes from the Podgorica Airport, is of special importance for the ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450.

At 100 meters from the restaurant is the starting point for the six-seated detachable cable car manufactured by “Doppelmayr” whose exit station is at an elevation of 2,035 meters. The cable car is equipped with built-in seat heaters, a sound system, and a Wi-Fi signal. Along with the cable car, around 10.5 km of ski slopes of different difficulty levels have been built. The slopes of Kolašin 1600 have a terrain configuration that even the biggest fans of skiing and snowboarding fall in love with because there is a snow cover between the slopes that provides the possibility for a safe free ride. Kolašin 1600 is in the process of further expansion, new ski slopes are currently being built, a reservoir lake for the purposes of an artificial snowmaking system is under construction and there is more. The New K7 detachable six-seated cable car is under construction and it will connect the two ski centers Kolašin 1600 and Kolašin 1450 and their accompanying network of ski slopes.

For winter season 2021/22, the two ski centers will be merged and will have approximately 45 km of ski slopes, which will make Kolašin one of the largest ski resorts in the region. In 2022, the ski center will be enriched with two new ski lifts, night skiing, and a summer mountain coaster.

Ski center Kolašin 1600 is vivid and alive during summer, too. This ski resort has a special charm for its summer offer. In addition to the panoramic cable car ride that brings guests to the top of the Troglava Peak, where magnificent views extend over the surrounding mountains, Kolašin 1600 offers complete enjoyment for the youngest visitors in the children’s playground. Adventure tours such as jeep safari tours, quad rides, mountain biking, mountaineering are an unavoidable part of the experience.

Interactive ski map

Restaurant Troglava

Restaurant “Troglava” 4 * is located within the base station of the ski center Kolašin 1600.

It was built in the spirit of a modern mountain environment with a capacity of 400 seats. The cuisine of the restaurant is based on traditional Montenegrin dishes prepared in the authentic way of the Bjelasica region. The fresh mountain air with mulled local wine and local products never leaves anyone indifferent. On the ground floor of the building where the restaurant is located, there is a cafe bar, where guests can get hot and cold, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The café bar serves the complete lower terrace of the base station, where concerts and other cultural and entertainment programs are often organized.