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Ski center Žarski is the second ski center in a series of new ski centers that are being built by the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for Bjelasica and Komovi. On the right bank of the Tara River lies the Bjelasica Massif with gentle elevations, high peaks, and mountain springs. On this side of the Bjelasica Mountain, which has long been a meeting point for mountaineers from various parts of the region, the Žarski ski center is under construction. It is this part of Bjelasica that represents the greatest potential for the development of ski tourism. The greatest value of such development of the Bjelasica Mountain is that it is an environmentally sound and sustainable solution. On this spot, nature has made everything on its own, meaning that terrain configuration is ideal for the construction of ski slopes. The future trails are covered with grass and only 15 cm of snow is enough for skiing. Their exposure and location, as well as the duration of snow cover, fully meet basic tourist standards.

The construction of the Z-4 cable car by the Italian manufacturer “Leitner” is currently in progress, as well as the construction of the ski slopes and base station facilities (restaurant, cafe-bar, ski-rental, ambulances, outbuildings, public toilets, etc.). At the base station area of the Žarski ski center, 14 hotels and 11 apartment-type buildings are planned to be built. This ski center will be connected with ski center Cmiljača and thus will have a total of 14 cable cars and ski lifts and 60 km of ski slopes. Construction of ski center Žarski is the future of the development of Mojkovac as a tourist destination and is the backbone of the economic development of the municipality.