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Get ready to shine on the snow

The natural beauty and suitable ski terrains of the Bjelasica region, especially for winter sports, are ideal places for recreational and professional skiing. Winter and cold snowy days are approaching – and for fans of snow sports, this means only one thing – the start of a new ski season. In the mountains in Montenegro and ski centers in the region, the ski season usually opens at the beginning of December, except for those regional centers where there is a system for artificial snow, and therefore it is never too early to start preparations.

Some visitors will make their first ski descents in the new 2022-23, some of them will practice what they have learned, and some will perform the most difficult moves and overcome their own limits in these winter sports. True fans and connoisseurs of skiing are aware that the upcoming ski season comes along with preparation for skiing. In fact, adequate preparation is key if you want to ensure a great time and avoid injuries in the snow. As you choose your winter vacation destination and your big ski adventure, take some time to check the condition of your ski gear, including your skis, boots, and other ski gear. Although all better-equipped mountain centers have ski services where you can rent skis, poles, and helmets – you definitely need to prepare your ski suit, active clothes, sunglasses, etc.

In the following article, we will provide a brief overview of the preparation process for skiing and tips on how to enjoy winter sports in the best shape.

Preparation for skiing – an integral part of skiing

In order to get the most out of winter vacation and skiing, it is important to learn how to prepare for skiing. This primarily refers to physical fitness and form, which should be in an excellent state in order to make the most of your skiing days without pain, inflammation, and injuries. This applies to the best skiers as well as to beginners, and the exercises for these two groups differ only on the basis of the intensity of the exercise, whereby a lower intensity training is meant for beginners, and a higher one for slightly better, more active skiers.

Skiing exercises – standard strength exercises

Good leg and back form is the most important for quality skiing, and you will achieve this with exercises of strength for these muscles, but also for the whole body. Wait a maximum of ten days before skiing to start with squats, back squats, sit-ups, as well as other exercises for these parts of the body. This way you will be in shape and you will definitely make the most of what skiing has to offer. Of course, exercises in the gym with weights will help you prepare for skiing, as well as any strength exercises you like.

Fitness is just as important for skiing as strength

Fitness preparations are also extremely important for getting the body in “skiing shape”. Running, swimming, as well as other cardio exercises should be part of everyone’s daily routine, but if they are not – start with them no later than 2 weeks before skiing. In this way, you will increase your fitness capacity, so it will not be so difficult for you to cope with the ski slopes, learn, and master skiing techniques in the upcoming season.

Endurance, mobility, and balance training

More experienced skiers, as well as professionals, include endurance, mobility,y and balance training in their regular skiing preparations. The answer to the question “how to prepare for skiing” definitely includes these parts of training, especially for those who plan to spend this year’s ski season and winter on long, demanding trails. On the Internet, you can easily find complete training sessions for the preparation for skiing made by the best skiers in the world, and you will certainly easily and quickly perform high-quality and necessary training sessions, and some of the exercises are: gymnastics, stretching, balancing, etc.

Ski equipment requires special preparation

Of course, preparing for skiing definitely includes preparing the skiing equipment itself. Just as it is imperative that you are in the best possible shape, your ski equipment should be ready for the ski slopes and regular use.

After good maintenance and storage of skis during the year, it is necessary to take certain steps before going to the snow so that your skis are completely ready for this: sharpen the edges of the skis, adjust the bindings on the skis and lubricate the sliding surfaces. If the skis are brand new, they require better preparation, so we advise you to do it in a ski service or in a ski equipment store. Apart from this, prepare and bring a ski suit, ski boots, but also sunglasses, as well as a cap with a mandatory protective helmet for children under 18 years of age, and thus make your ski equipment complete and be completely ready for the ski season.

The modern mountain ambiance of the ski center Kolašin 1600 is the right destination for you

This should be the first step when it comes to preparing for skiing – so first of all, find a destination that will meet your needs and skiing requirements. We recommend that you choose a mountain that can certainly be classified as one of the promising and modern ski centers of the region – the Kolašin 1600 ski center. In addition to numerous benefits, it has another huge advantage that it can boast of – it is close. It has two modern six-seater cable cars, with a total length of approx. 20 km of tracks, the restaurant “Troglava”, which was built in the mountain spirit with a capacity of 400 seats. The restaurant’s cuisine is based on traditional Montenegrin dishes prepared in an authentic way, characteristic of the Bjelasica region. The offer of the Kolašin ski center includes a ski school and ski rental, which is enriched with the new famous Fischer ski equipment, followed by a parking area with a capacity of about 550 spaces.

No sport provides as much pleasure and satisfaction to those who engage in it as skiing. Whoever once had “boards” on his feet and went down the hill will always want to spend their free time in a field covered with snow. Skiing is a high-value sport in terms of spiritual pleasures and uses, and in Montenegro, it is accessible to many.

We conclude with the fact that work in the field of physical education occupies a special place in all developed countries with the mission of building a healthy and morally strong society. There is no doubt that you have chosen the right sport for recreation and the development of both individual and collective sportsmanship.


Written by: Dženis Nurković, master of sports and physical education

(International licensed snow sports instructor)