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Good tradition with OC Jahorina continues

Ski resorts of Montenegro and Jahorina Olympic Center continue to nurture friendship and good tradition.

A cooperation agreement between our ski resorts was signed today in Portonovi.

The signed agreement specifies that owners of season tickets purchased for the ski center “Kolašin 1600” and owners of season tickets bought for “Jahorina Olympic Center” receive a voucher, which gives the right to issue tickets for three consecutive days of free skiing on both ski centers.

Owners of a seasonal ski ticket purchased for a ski center in Montenegro are entitled to three consecutive days of free skiing at the Jahorina Olympic Center, i.e. the owners of a seasonal ski pass purchased for the Jahorina Olympic Center can receive three consecutive days of free skiing in the ski center Kolašin 1600.

On the occasion, the director of the Jahorina Olympic Center, Dejan Ljevnaić, said:

“In times of global crises, it is necessary that the states of the region cooperate with each other. We have to understand that we are all one market and that joint cooperation brings the best results. We should strive to have one ski-dog, only then will new opportunities open up for all of us. By cooperating together, we do not only bring ski centers and people together, but we learn from each other, enrich our experiences, grow and develop on all levels. When all these parameters are combined, business success is guaranteed”.

Director of the Ski Resort of Montenegro, Đuro Milošević, also stressed the importance of this agreement: “The ski center “Kolašin 1600” was founded only four years ago, while OC “Jahorina” this year celebrates 40 years since the Olympics. This difference in tradition allows us to learn from others and to proudly look up to what Jahorina offers – a large number of ski trails, illuminated areas and numerous cable cars. We are also proud of our own progress, now with 21 kilometers of trails and we are actively working on developing summer amenities.