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September as a month of cycling

Length: 7,62 km

Starting elevation point: 2.042 meters above sea level (ASL)

Max altitude: 2.042 meters above sea level (ASL)

Start: K8 Chair lift – 1.600 meters above sea level (ASL)

Description: The route starts at the bottom from the K8 chair lift which is used to transfer bicycle riders up to the Troglava peak. When you exit the chair lift you will have a fantastic panoramic view over Crna and Zekova glava, Lumer, Lisa, mountain Komovi, Kuči mountains, Ključ, Maganik, Morača mountains, Torna, Umovi, Vučje, Gradišta, Sinjavina, Ogorela glava, Razvršje… The ride starts with a gravel road which is wide and safe for a ride, although during the ride you may encounter other vehicles and some cattle, so you should be extra careful. As it is shown on the map, the track during its complete length goes through a mountain gravel road, therefore not only physical effort is enough to get to the finish line. There are a lot of crossroads along the way, therefore it is necessary to follow the signalization in order to be safe during a ride. Riding down from the highest point via gravel road you will come to the borderline with the National Park, where you intersect with CT1 bike trail and you continue to ride on that trail in just a small fraction. During the descent down the trail, you’ll have a view of green meadows, huts, ski slopes, and mountains. Also during the ride, you will pass by the mountain lodge Bjelasica. The mountain offers all kinds of refreshments, from cold spring water to blueberries and strawberries for those who are a little bit persistent. So, the trail provides an easy and comfortable ride, even though it’s a mountain ride, almost the entire length is downhill, and therefore beginners are more than welcome to come and enjoy to all of the magic of the mountain Bjelasica in a completely different way. At the end of the route restaurant Troglava is located, which offers a vast selection of food and beverages. From the restaurant you have a beautiful vista at the starting point of your ride and with some refreshment, you can summarize all impressions and emotions and memorize Bjelasica as one of the true beauties. End of the route: Restaurant Troglava 4*